Kitchen Renovation Pricing Guide: How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a Kitchen in Wollongong?

According to, the average cost of a kitchen renovation is around $17,000, with most Wollongong homeowners spending between $12,000 - $21,000.

For a basic, small sized kitchen renovation the cost would be approximately $14,400, broken down as below:

Kitchen Renovations

Product/ Service


Melamine cabinets:


Laminate bench top:








The above example is for a small sized kitchen in Wollongong. Higher quality or larger kitchens can cost between $20,000 and $40,000 and premium kitchens can cost more than $45,000 and $100,000.

Bench tops, Cabinets and Hardware

There are three things that determine the cost of a kitchen:

  • Bench tops
  • Cabinets and
  • Hardware
Kitchen Renovation

Cabinet Costs

There are 3 types of cabinet in the kitchen:

  • Base Units 
  • Wall Units &
  • Tall Units

There are 5 choices in the type of material used:

  • Melamine 
  • Laminate
  • Acrylic
  • Vinyl and
  • 2 Pac

A 2 Pac kitchen is approximately 60% more expensive than a melamine kitchen. Base and Tall cabinets can come in the form of a cupboard or drawers and drawers are more expensive than cupboards.

Approximate cost of kitchen cabinets:





Base unit (cupboard)

800mm wide



Base unit (3x drawers) 

800mm wide



Ultra Modern New Kitchen

*Two pack kitchens are 60% more expensive ($800 and $1,440).

Wall units vary based on the hinges used and whether you use glass fronts. The glass option doubles the cost. Generally though, wall units are cheaper than base units.

Tall units cost $900 each, however adding 5 drawers will double the cost to $1,800.

Hardware Costs

Drawers add more functionality and ease of use than cupboards and there are different levels of cupboard and drawer mechanisms.

There are three options:

  • No Soft close (Standard runners and hinges) 
  • Soft close (Two levels of soft close) and
  • Automatic (Electrified) Servo-drive

Approximate cost of kitchen Hardware:




Soft Close

per drawer


Premium soft close

per drawer



per drawer


Example 6 base units in your kitchen with 3 drawers each:

Additional cost of hardware:



Soft Close


Premium soft close




Kitchen Bench Top Costs

There are two main types of kitchen bench top:

  • Laminate and
  • Stone

Stone bench tops are 2.5 - 3 times more expensive than laminate on average but this does depend the stone type and thickness.

Approximate cost of bench tops:

Bench Top


Bench Top Costs

Laminate (34 ml depth)

square meters


Laminate (40ml depth)

square meters


Stone (34ml depth)

square meters


Stone (40ml depth)

square meters


Additional Kitchen Renovation Costs

Splash back costs:

There are two main options for splash backs:

  • Tile  and
  • Glass

The cost of tiles depends on the tiles you choose. A Wollongong tiler will charge between $350-$400 for labour for a reasonable sized splashback. Glass costs approximately $498 per square meter plus an extra $44 for every powerpoint.

Kitchen Appliance Costs:

Research appliance costs using one of these main suppliers - Harvey Norman/Goodguys.

Cost of Trades in Wollongong:

Installation costs:

On average the installation cost for a small kitchen is approximately $2,000 (cabinetry only). This includes:$500 to remove the old kitchen. The installer charges $70 for each base and wall unit and $120 for each tall unit

Electrical costs:

The average electrical cost is $800, however we have seen electrical costs as high as $3,000 for some Wollongong homes. Some of the activities that increase electrical costs include:

  • New cable for the oven 
  • New GPO’s
  • Isolation Switch
  • Safety Switch

Plumbing Costs:

The average plumbing cost is $650, however we have seen plumbing costs as high as $2,000. Some of the activities that increase plumbing costs in Wollongong include:

  • New underground pipes
  • Lime for gas
  • Moving sinks

Building costs:

For most kitchens, there isn’t a building cost. However, if you plan on knocking down walls and/ or building new ones then there will be a building cost involved.

Kitchen Renovation Costs in Wollongong

Well that's all the costs that go into renovating a kitchen in Wollongong. We hope you've found this guide useful and have a better idea of all the costs involved in renovating your kitchen. 

Stylish Kitchen Remodel
Stylish New Modern Kitchen

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long do Kitchen Renovations Take?

Once the kitchen has been designed the average kitchen renovation takes 3 weeks. More complex kitchen renovations can take up to 6 weeks.


How Much Does a New Kitchen Cost in Wollongong?

New kitchens can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $75,000 depending on the size and quality of the kitchen. Check out our kitchen renovation pricing guide above to see all the costs involved in a new kitchen. 


How Much does an Average Kitchen Renovation Cost?

According to, the average cost of a kitchen renovation is around $17,000, with most Wollongong homeowners spending between $12,000 - $21,000.

Do I Need a Building Permit for a Kitchen Renovation in Wollongong?

This depends on what’s involved. If you’re knocking down a wall, for example, then yes you’ll need a building permit from your local Wollongong council. 

How Long Should a Kitchen Renovation Take?

It really depends on the size of the kitchen and the complexity of the trades required. If there are no building, plumbing or electrical complexities a standard kitchen reno should take about 3 weeks once the kitchen has been designed.

How Much Does a Kitchen Renovation Increase a Home’s Value in Wollongong?

Since every Wollongong real estate agent will tell you that“kitchens sell houses” we believe that a kitchen renovation will definitely increase your home’s value by more than the cost of the kitchen. But you should ask a real estate agent this question to get their opinion.


How Much Should I Budget for a Kitchen Renovation?

If you’re planning on a high quality, custom designed kitchen then the answer is, at least $14,000 for a small sized kitchen. According to, the average cost of a kitchen renovation is around $17,000, with most Wollongong homeowners spending between $12,000 - $21,000. Larger or higher quality kitchens can cost up to $40,000. It all depends on the size and quality of your kitchen.

How Much Should I spend on a Kitchen Renovation?

That really depends on what you’re trying to achieve.

  • Are you trying to sell your apartment or house? 
  • Or are you upgrading the kitchen in your home? 

The answer to these questions will dictate the style, functionality and cost of your kitchen. 


How to Design a Kitchen?

We recommend that you read through kitchen and bathroom magazines and look through pictures of kitchens on the net. Once you have a feel for the style, colours and layout you'll need to measure out your kitchen and plan the design using 3D kitchen design software.


How to do a Cheap Kitchen Renovation?

Depends on how cheap is cheap. If you’re looking for the cheapest option available, then head to Bunnings or Ikea. If you’re looking for a high, quality custom designed kitchen that’s affordable then you'll want to get a few quotes from local kitchen renovation companies in Wollongong to see which one offers the best value for money. 


How to Plan a Kitchen Renovation?

Most Wollongong kitchen renovation companies have qualified and professional kitchen interior designers who can help you plan your kitchen renovation. These are the steps involved in a kitchen renovation:

  • Designer visits your house
  • Measuring the whole kitchen area
  • Brainstorming of design ideas with you
  • Designing the ideas with the help of 3D CAD software
  • Inviting the client to the showroom to inspect and review products before finalizing the price.